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Dr. David Sheperd

Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine and Owner

Dr. Shepherd graduated from Auburn University as an undergraduate in 1987 with a degree in laboratory technology. He also attended vet school at Auburn and graduated in 1991. Dr. Shepherd enjoys spending time with his family, Auburn football, sports with his two children, and continuing education. Dr. Shepherd has been married to Dr. Jannice Laketa since 1992. They have four dogs and seven cats, all of which are rescues! Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Laketa had their daughter Morgan in 1996 and their son Quinn in 1997.

Dr. Jannice Laketa

Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine

Dr. Laketa graduated from Purdue University in clothing design. She attended Auburn University for veterinary school and graduated in 1991. She is a Auburn sports fanatic and grew up in a basketball family. She is adjusting to life as an empty nester as both of her children are now off at college. Dr. Laketa also enjoys going to continuing education, reading and gardening. Everyone at NRVC profits from her amazing vegetable garden every summer

Jane Sowden

Veterinary Technician and Hospital Manager

Jane graduated from Emory University in 1999 with a bachelor of science in biology. She has worked for North Roswell Veterinary Clinic since May of 1999 and became a licensed veterinary technician in 2006. Jane is a fan of Ohio State University where she was born and raised. She loves spending time at the lake and spends most weekends on a boat. She has three dogs, three cats,a bearded dragon, and multiple fish. Jane has a daughter, Madison, who was born in 2009.